Environmental Consultancy

The Environmental Protection Act, 1990 and the Environment Act, 1995 set the scene for a whole raft of legislative changes which will affect industry over the next decade. Already, there have been significant changes to the way that waste is classified and controlled and to the recycling of packaging. There are ever-increasing pressures to reduce emissions of gases, dusts and vapours to atmosphere. And it won't stop there.

The duty of care imposed by these laws put extra pressure on Companies and Managements already working at full speed to compete.

Ad Qual Castech offer a specialist advice and training on all aspects of Environmental management including:

Environmental Awareness Training

Awareness training is a statutory requirement in most Process Guidance notes. All operators and staff should receive initial training and regular updates. The Environmental Agency consider that the operators are often in the best position to spot the immediate problems and to suggest ways of improving the environment and reducing wastage.

Emission Monitoring

We can carry out annual air emission testing to meet environmental regulations with MCERTS qualified operators.

Energy Efficiency

Setting up of systems for identifying main centres of energy usage, controls and savings. This is even more important considering the proposed Climate Levy.

Waste Control and Management

Classification of waste and evaluation of waste streams; recycling issues;

Process Controls

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