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Ad Qual Castech offer a wide range of consultancy & advisory services. Contracts can be prepared to cover individual projects or we can arranged to be on call for general guidance, just when you require it.

On this page, we suggest some of the reasons why companies talk to us and we raise just a few of the questions that you might need to consider in your business.

Why do you need specialist guidance and advice ?

Surface Coatings
Do you know how much your paint or powder coating operation costs you?
How well do your operators understand efficiency factors in your process?
What causes the rejects in your coating operation?
Do you find the same production problems occurring again and again?

Health & Safety
Is your company up to speed on safety issues?
Have you carried out risk assessments which are suitable and sufficient ?
Are you and your workforce aware of the hazards in the workplace?
Do you sell goods which are considered dangerous for carriage?
If your factory had a major fire, do you have a recovery plan?

Environmental Management
Does your waste management system comply with regulations?
How much energy do you waste?
How would you control a serious pollution incident?
Would your Environmental Management policy pass close scrutiny?

Successful company directors and managers need to have specialised knowledge and expertise in their chosen fields. These days, business pressures often require them to make decisions on a vast array of subjects such as accountancy, taxation, employment conditions, health & safety and the environment. Some regulations insist that management seek advice from a competent person, where necessary.

Obviously, it is impossible for any individual to be an expert in every field and many people find that they have to make decisions for which they are not trained. However, some decisions may have costly legal repercussions and a wrong decision can easily lead to an accident and then to the Company being prosecuted or fined. In a magistrates court, each breach of the Environmental Act, for example, may lead to a fine of up to £20,000. And it may not affect the Company alone - individuals may have personal liabilities too. If cases are referred to higher courts, unlimited fines and even imprisonment might result.

Hiring someone with specific expertise for a short term contract or for occasional referral can often be more cost effective than taking on a full time employee, with all the labour costs and training needed to teach them the ropes.

It is also a fact that staff will often take far more notice of information provided by an someone outside the organisation than they would of that same information supplied by an 'insider'. Some suggest that this is because the 'outsider' is not tainted by 'internal politics' or perceived bias.

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