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Last updated - 18th April 2010

Surface Coatings

Cross contamination

Cross contamination of powder coatings is by far that industry's biggest problem. Many of the advantages of powder coatings are lost due to contamination, both in the manufacturing and application stages.

Rejects cost time and money and any contaminated powder is wasted, with disposal costs adding insult to injury. We can help you identify the causes and reduce losses.

The Paint Research Association's booklet on "A Practical Guide - Coating Powders and their Application" by Malcolm Griffiths and Mike Cowley, is available priced £35, from Ad Qual or the PRA.


Business Excellence

The Benchmarking Index

The Department of Trade and Industry has a database which will enable any company that wishes to participate to compare their performance on a wide range of performance statistics with those already in the scheme. A report will give comparisons on a wide range of performance statistics, including financial, investment, production, quality and personnel management.

To increase the relevance of the analysis to the user, a number of selection criteria, such as the range of turnover, the number of employees, geographical areas and type of business or market sector, can be used. To prevent direct comparisons by competitors, analysis can only be made if there are 10 or more sets of data in the selection criteria.

For further details, contact Ad Qual Castech who are approved dti consultants in this field and can brief you fully on the techniques used.

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